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Modern Steel Construction accepts bylined feature stories from engineers, architects, fabricators, contractors, detailers and product vendors. Deadline for submission is 90 days prior to the month of issue (i.e., deadline for January issue is October 1; February is November 1; etc.) Our editorial plan for the year can be reviewed in our Media Guide.

Article submission requirements are provided below. They are also available as a downlaodable PDF at


Send questions or submissions to Geoff Weisenberger.


Article Submission Requirements


Feature Articles

Project stories must include the following information:


  • Name, location, and type of project
  • Owner’s program and requirements
  • Structural systems considered
  • Steel framing solution chosen—gravity and lateral framing, typical connections, etc. (include description and explanation; be specific concerning key member sizes)
  • Unique or interesting structural, architectural, or construction/erection features or challenges
  • Quantity of steel (tons, pounds per square foot) used and cost of project
  • If relevant, type of fire protection, steel coating system, floor decking, and joist system (please include brand names or vendors)
  • Construction and finished photos (if project is complete)
  • Photo captions (all photo captions should have a two- to three-sentence description) and photo credits as necessary
  • Name and location of structural engineer, architect, contractor, owner/developer, steel fabricator, steel erector, and steel detailer, and engineering and steel detailing software packages used—as applicable.


Project stories should address the following questions:


  • What made steel the structural system of choice for this project?
  • How did steel improve the constructability of this project?
  • Describe the positive cost implications of using structural steel.
  • Was EDI used in this project? Describe its implementation.


Stories should be approximately 1,500 to 2,000 words in length. Please use Microsoft Word format, and do not embed photos or other graphics.


Please include construction photographs, completed photography (slides or prints), line drawings of specific details, a floor plan, and renderings (if finished photography is not available). Line drawings should be on 8-1/2” x 11” sheets (no blue prints, please). AutoCAD files cannot be used. All photos should have appropriate captions, and photo credits as necessary. Electronic images should be 4” x 6” minimum at 300dpi. TIF files are preferred. Please do not send more than eight photos. Photos considered for the magazine cover must be 8x10 prints or similar quality electronic files. Photos and graphics embedded in Microsoft Word files are not suitable for publication.

Product Case Studies

MSC is always interested in hearing about new and exciting products that would be of interest to our readers. We periodically include a "Product Case Study" feature in our products section. A case study focuses on the use of a particular product in real-world applications.


Some examples:


  • Engineering software: How did this software make the design of a particular project faster and easier?
  • Fabrication equipment: How did the equipment improve the work flow and productivity for a particular fabricator?
  • Structural products: What unique contributions did this product make on a particular project?


In addition, tell us how your product provides a significant or unique benefit to the fabricated structural steel design and construction industry. Your submittal should include:


  • Contact information for your company, including phone, fax, e-mail, and web site
  • 500-word case study describing the use of your product in a particular project
  • A maximum of three photos of the product or project, either electronic (300 dpi) or hard copy.
  • Product cost information


Only submissions written in the form of a case study will be considered. You may submit your case study at any time. The MSC editorial staff will select one or more product case studies each month (from the submissions received) to be featured with our New Products section. MSC cannot guarantee publication of your submission in a particular issue. Also, due to space limitations, the Product Case Study feature may not appear in every issue. There is no charge for submitting your product case study for consideration.
Please include photographs or slides of your product and/or the project that featured your product. Please do not embed photographs or figures in a Microsoft Word document; embedded figures are not suitable for reproduction. Separate image files are required for reproduction purposes. If you would like to send the images electronically, please make sure they are 4" by 6" minimum at 300 dpi. Please call with any questions.




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